Not only do SAVA members get a significant 7.5% discount on insurance premiums, they also qualify for specialist legal representation to see them through the trauma of defending a complaint investigated by the South African Veterinary Council.

The good news is that the highly experienced vetPROTECT legal team has been successful in defending all cases of vetPROTECTpolicyholders whose actions have been the focus of complaints brought against them at Council.

SAVA assures our members that your welfare and support is our primary focus. You need the best possible expertise on your side when defending yourselves against attack by animal owners who are usually highly stressed and often unreasonable at the time. You need expert backup, and we make sure you get it.

When deciding on the benefits of vetPROTECT for our members, SAVA’s primary focus was on four  areas: the expertise of the legal defence available to policyholders; effective broad insurance protection that meets the needs of our complete member base; transparent and objective administration of our member’s insurance and legal business needs, as well as attractive affordability with premium discounts.