Insurance is not just about taking out the right cover for the unforeseen events. At Itoo, we believe that through Risk Management, we can help mitigate risk. With this in mind we have developed, in conjunction with our partners, for our Veterinarian clients, at no additional charge, two exclusive value add benefits to your policies, which should further provide you with peace of mind that we take your well being seriously.

Itoo Legal Assist

Itoo Legal Assist offers policyholders legal services relating to the policyholder’s business activities only, these may range from contract reviews, indemnity documentation, shareholder contracts or even employment-related issues.

Each policyholder has access to the following as per policy period:

  • An unlimited 24/7 facility for telephonic advice and assistance.

The following will also be made available if deemed necessary:

  • A face to face consultation with a qualified attorney;
  • Up to three letters, matter and complexity dependent; and
  • A follow-up consultation.

Exclusions / What is not provided in terms of this service:

  • Any claim, circumstance or notification related matter/s that may or may not be covered under the policy;
  • Any advice on how to bring a claim under the this policy;
  • Any matters pertaining to any claims repudiated by the Itoo
  • Matters where the policyholder’s business does not have an economical or legitimate interest;
  • Any matters related to Family Law;
  • Any criminal matters;
  • Credit control or debt collection;
  • Issuing and service of a summons and/or response; and
  • Any disputes between the policyholder and Itoo; and
  • Any matter in which Itoo believes the policyholder has been dishonest or unethical.

All you have to do is call 0861 102 033.

Business Identity Theft

Identity Theft is one of the biggest fraud issues facing the world today. Identity thieves unlawfully use the names, logos and banking information of legitimate businesses fraudulently so as to create fictitious accounts and identities with no intention of paying. These actions can cause extensive damage very quickly and cause severe damage to the company’s finances as well as their hard-earned goodwill and reputation.

You may well ask, how do ID thieves work, herewith a couple of examples: 

  • They use pick-up and delivery timetables to intercept goods.
  • Discarded letterheads to obtain logos and correct typeface for business name.
  • Bank records to establish authenticity
  • Establish a temporary surgery/office space in your name.
  • Open fake accounts in their name.
  • Manipulate business or credit records.
  • Order merchandise or services with stolen credit card information or bogus account details.
  • Launch scams and phishing attacks to your customer base to get confidential information.
  • There is also the no-tech approach involving rummaging through trash for revealing and discarded documents and files, expired passports, ID cards or driver’s licences of company officials and directors.

If your business becomes a victim of identity theft, we are able to assist you in remedying the situation quickly and efficiently.

What do we cover?

  • Via our investigators and service providers, we will work with yourself to clear your tarnished name and ensure your credit records are put back into the position they were prior to the ID Theft.

Exclusions / What is not provided in terms of this service:

  • We do not cover the consequences of the ID theft i.e. any debts of the likes.