Hollard opened for business in 1980, when Robert Enthoven decided the time was right to offer a new brand of insurance: one that looked at fresh ways of addressing risk, one that put clients’ needs first, and one that embraced a deep-held conviction that to do well in business, you have to do good around you.

Today, with over 3 500 passionate Hollardites on four continents, more than 6-million policyholders and assets exceeding R26-billion, we are South Africa’s largest independent and privately owned insurance group, and have become an “Afroglobal” insurance brand. (This is our way of saying that, wherever the future takes us, our strong connection to our African roots and culture will always be a big part of who we are.)

We attribute our growth to staying true to our founding objectives and rooting them in solid, long-term partnerships with industry experts who share our values. Together, we provide short-term insurance, life insurance and investment products to a customer base that ranges from individual consumers in almost all income categories, to large commercial and corporate clients. And, while we collaborate with brokers and insurance specialists, we also work closely with big brands, retailers and affinity groups. We underwrite and have expertise in almost every class of insurance.

We’re game-changers, problem solvers and innovators who set trends and pioneer risk solutions. With the Hollard brand present in nine countries across the world, insurance interests in nine others and plans to extend our international presence in the years ahead, Hollard’s unique approach to insurance certainly seems to resonate with established and emerging markets across the world.

To us, people matter. In our experience, success always hinges on effective relationships, and we really, really care about the partners, clients and others with whom we do business. It’s not only about systems or processes or numbers. It’s about people!

We’re passionate about innovation. From the way we service customers and the way we structure our business, to the products we sell and the way we distribute them, we love finding new ways to do things. Because there is always a better way.

We look beyond financial returns. We measure our social dividends, alongside financial dividends, because we strongly believe the business we do and the way we do business should be a catalyst for positive and enduring change.

We take what we do seriously, without taking ourselves seriously. Excellence is our benchmark, and we put customers and partners at the heart of everything we do … but we also think it’s really important to have fun along the way.

We partner with the best to deliver truly differentiated offerings. We don’t always have all the answers, but our collaborations with specialists mean we have the capacity to develop the most relevant and innovative solutions to any insurance problem.

We’re family-owned. Being unlisted means we’re able to take a long-term view and pursue sustainable opportunities, rather than chasing short-term gains for public shareholders. That’s a privilege we enjoy and one from which we, and our clients and business partners, each benefit.



2011 – Personal Lines

2013 – Personal Lines and Commercial

2014 – Personal Lines

2015 – Commercial and Corporate

2016 – Commercial and Corporate